This week I have been out and about at the Greenhorn film festival. I attended the ‘Short meets’ event on Monday-it was great to chat to lots of creative people about their work in films. I met many Composers, Directors and Scriptwriters-it was a very interesting evening. This was closely followed by the event ‘Music in Film Panel. There was a wonderful array of panellists which included: Connie Farr (ThinkSync Music), Rob Manning, Carly Paradis, Laura Rossi,Vasco Hexel (Royal College of Music) and Richard Paine (Faber Music). The evening was packed with great advice for up and coming composers/ film makers on many practical points. How to get work; how to talk to Directors; promoting yourself and other essential information on contracts and negotiating pay. I went away from the event feeling very inspired, and  I will certainly be attending this gem of a festival next year.

I have been very busy continuing to work on my  Nonet and Orchestral piece. Work is also in progress for the very large-scale Opera project I am working on in collaboration with librettist Tamara Stein. We are looking forward to meeting up at the beginning of December to combine some of our recent sketches.

On the subject of creativity and composing I stumbled across this interesting article by Jeremy Manier from the University of Chicago-‘Exploring the Sources of Musical Creativity’. It looks at the creative process from three different composers: