It has been a very busy last few months. In the Spring I completed a new work for Charley Brighton called ‘Spring Rhapsody’. This was premiered in a 50th Celebration concert in St Mary’s Church in Slough.

I have also been working on a new piece for a nonet called Ceffyl Dŵr (which means Water Horse in Welsh and is similar to a Kelpie in Scotland). I am also continuing to work on a collection of pieces for Trumpet and Piano-written for Trumpeter John Campbell called ‘Dwelling Places’.

My work for Piano ‘Mysterious Light’ will be performed by Graeme Thewlis in a lunchtime concert on 20th June at St Stephen’s church, Rochester Row in Westminster.

‘Mysterious Light’ will also feature performed by Graeme Thewlis at the 3 foot people festival in Chelmsford: