Meltemi (2012)

Live Recording
John Campbell - Trumpet

Meltemi - Movement 1 - Meltemi
Meltemi - Movement 2 - Zephyr
Meltemi - Movement 3 - Gregale

The inspiration for this work came from a holiday to the Greek island of Aegina. During the Summer months strong stormy winds can be felt on the sunniest of days. The Meltemi are northernly winds caused by high pressure systems, and can last for up to six days at a time before dying down again.

Meltemi is a work for unaccompanied Trumpet in three short movements: Meltemi, Zephyr and Gregale. The first movement begins with a fanfare like opening followed by fast running modal passages. The second movement Zephyr is gentle and light in character. A Zephyr is gentle warm westerly prevailing wind that blows during the Summer months. The final movement Gregale finishes in a lively style, and depicts the strong cool northeasterly wind which effects the island.